We are AmazingUI

We help startups & companies around the world to create a clear user experience and unique user interface for their products.

Our passion is always to create an innovative experience, think out of the box, and reach amazing solutions for complex problems. Over 10 Years of experience, passion for the profession, and an uncompromising desire for perfection make us succeed in what we do best - to create a winning user experience.

Our Services

UI/UX Design

We believe the core of any successful product is first of all UX, people tend to believe that great UI is enough for a product, but our experience proves smart UX is a must for every product, and of course an amazing UI. The combination of the two creates a winning product.


If you are in a process of product characterization and you want to know what your target audience needs, or if your existing product has problems that need to solve, this is the solution for you - users research.


Sometimes we don't understand why our product doesn't reach the goals we set for it, why users don't perform the actions we want them to, and other problems we encounter... In usability we will test with different tools how users respond to your product, identify problems and reach conclusions.


Yariv Hazony

CEO at Dcoya

Working with AmazingUI was an absolute pleasure. Their desire for perfection and uncompromising attitude has brought to an amazing design, that has generated "Wow" responses from customers and investors alike. AmazingUI a talented team with skills the reach beyond just design as they always looking for ways to push the boundaries of how we can make our product better. I have no doubt that AmazingUI would have continued to be a solid asset to our team.

Daniel Katz

VP R&D at Quelix

Our product is unique and based on artificial intelligence and interaction through voice operations and facial recognition, it is complex and requires a high level of user experience in order to simplify the process for the user. We needed a breakthrough and our choice of AmazingUI has proven itself. We were very impressed by their capabilities and we received an amazing user experience and design that gain a lot of positive responses.

Mike Bikov

CEO at LBS Academy

AmazingUI created our website and delivered a design beyond our expectations. We were very particular about our design, and communication regarding edits throughout the design process couldn't have been smoother. We will definitely keep in touch for our future projects.

Viki Glam

CEO at Enerjoy

AmazingUI are great experts, beside wonderful UI design they also have very high UX capabilities. I think their true abilities are even more impressive than their great portfolio. It is a good and lasting experience.

Ran Amar

Project Manager at GWU

AmazingUI is a professional team, available all the time, cooperating with the ability to think out of the box and provide an examples if needed for everything.Very high level of UI/UX with all the necessary resolutions.
Very recommended.

Ayal Ebert

CEO at Particle

AmazingUI did a fabulous job designing our consumer facing website using striking visual elements. This came out to be one of the most impressive websites we've contracted. They work hard, fast and accurately.

Oz Ezra

CEO at Pepper

We chose to work with AmazingUI on our products, we were impressed by the work with them. They are very professional and know how to create an excellent user experience. They understand users and know to produce exactly what is necessary to create the natural connection with them.

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